2014 Penton Racing Products National Cross Country Series schedule
3/1-2 Desoto Motorsport Park; Grand Cane, LA (1)
3/15-16 White Lightning; Chester, SC
4/11 Diamond Don’s; Jefferson, TX
4/26-27 Perry Mountain; Maplesville, AL (ISDT Qualifier #1)
5/10-11 Razorback Riders; Coombs, AR (ISDT Qualifier #2)
5/30 Unadilla Valley Sports Center; New Berlin, NY
6/14-15 Clear Fork Resort; Mansfield, OH (1)
7/12-13 Bluegrass Cross Country; Bonnieville, KY
7/26-27 McKee’s Sky Ranch; Terra Alta, WV
9/13-14 Hayes Property; Ramsey, IL
9/27-28 Arkansas Dirt Riders; New Blaine, AR (1)
10/11 Barber Motorsports Park; Leeds, AL
10/25-26 John Zink Ranch; Sand Springs, OK (ISDT Reunion Ride)

(1) = All Vintage plus Post Vintage Novices on Saturday/Post Vintage Intermediates and Experts on Sunday

2014 National Vintage Motocross Series schedule
2/22 The Ranch; Anza, CA
3/1 Desoto Motorsport Park; Grand Cane, LA
3/22 Motocross of Marion County; Reddick, FL
3/23 Burrows’ Ranch; Chrome, CA
4/12 Diamond Don’s; Jefferson, TX
5/4 Devil’s Ridge; Sanford, NC
5/31 Unadilla Valley Sports Center; New Berlin, NY
6/14 Clear Fork Resort; Mansfield, OH
6/28 Sky High MX Park; Old Appleton, MO
7/26 McKee’s Sky Ranch; Terra Alta, WV
8/16 800 MX Park; Hopkinsville, KY
9/6 Delta Motorsports Park; Delta, OH
9/7 Glen Helen Raceway; San Bernardino, CA
9/14 Rattler’s Run; Spokane, WA
9/20 Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park; Axton, VA
9/27 Arkansas Dirt Riders; New Blaine, AR
10/12 Barber Motorsports Park; Leeds, AL
10/19 Hollister Hills SVRA; Hollister, CA
10/25 HLR Motorsports; Moberly, MO
11/8 Rio Bravo Motocross Park; Houston, TX

2014 Race Tech National Post Vintage Motocross Series schedule
2/23 The Ranch; Anza, CA
3/2 Desoto Motorsport Park; Grand Cane, LA
3/23 Motocross of Marion County; Reddick, FL
4/13 Diamond Don’s; Jefferson, TX
5/3 Devil’s Ridge; Sanford, NC
6/1 Unadilla Valley Sports Center; New Berlin, NY
6/15 Clear Fork Resort; Mansfield, OH
6/29 Sky High MX Park; Old Appleton, MO
7/27 McKee’s Sky Ranch; Terra Alta, WV
8/17 800 MX Park; Hopkinsville, KY
9/6 Glen Helen Raceway; San Bernardino, CA
9/7 Delta Motorsports Park; Delta, OH
9/21 Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park; Axton, VA
9/28 Arkansas Dirt Riders; New Blaine, AR
10/26 HLR Motorsports; Moberly, MO
11/9 Rio Bravo Motocross Park; Houston, TX

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46 Responses to “2014 Cross Country, Vintage MX and Post Vintage MX schedules”

Craig Parkinson November 23, 2013

I live in Southern California. With only 4 events within 1000 miles and seven needed to run for a championship, what is my motivation to ride with AHRMA?

    Richard Myers December 5, 2013

    Craig, if you want quality events and to chase a championship it takes some travel, always has, I live out in the SoCal desert, even the first national is almost 3 hours from me, I take 4 days off to do Diamond Dons and drive to texas every year, travel is part of the fun to me, sorry you dont agree

David Lamberth November 24, 2013

Don’t panic-there are more than 4 PVMX events in 2014. Webmaster will fix early next week.

Jimmy Allison November 24, 2013

Thanks for all your hard work in finding places to race. My closest National is only 673 miles away, but the good news is that it’s only 10 and a half hour drive one way.

tom ballinger November 25, 2013

I am a past AHRMA member. I want to get back into racing AHRMA this year.

    David Lamberth November 29, 2013


    You can rejoin thru the online system or by contacting the membership office after the Thanksgiving holiday or you can contact me in the national office. Be glad to help you in any way.


Mike Parker November 25, 2013

Several of us race both cross country and mx. If you can move moberly mo. Mx, or John zink xc by one week, we could attend both events in Oct.(25th).
Same conflict for June 28 got Kentucky x/c and Mo. M/x.
Adjust one and increase attendance.
Thanks for your consideration
Mike Parker
AHRMA 1444

    David Lamberth November 29, 2013


    We have moved the KY 2 day CC to July to avoid that conflict.

    The Moberly date and the ISDTRR dates cannot be changed based on info provided by the promoters


Mike Parker November 26, 2013

I would like to add to my previous email/suggestion that everyone involved in this teetious work to get this put together has done an outstanding job! All of us that get to are really appreciate it!!!
Great job- many thanks
Mike Parker
AHRMA 1444

C. N. Williams November 26, 2013

2/22 VMX race should be “The Ranch” instead of the “The Farm” @ Anza.

Just an FYI

    David Lamberth November 29, 2013

    We have corrected this in the most recent schedule posted above.

whitey parker November 30, 2013

Glad to see Craig and Becky Hayes getting an event this year. I know it will be a good one. Alright Becky, get out there and start marking trail. LOL

Mac McCowan December 1, 2013

What happened to Honey Lake, CA? That was a great event and I was hoping it would remain on the schedule.

    David Lamberth December 3, 2013


    The promoter has the facility for sale and turned down our request for an event for 2014.

    AHRMA hated to see this happen – but was told it was coming.

    If they sell to another promoter, we will do our best to try to work with them


CJ Benenati December 2, 2013

I was an AHRMA for a few years, but there are no Cross Country events in the northeast. I don’t want to have to drive for two days to make an event. Is there any possibility of an event or two to happen in the northeast/New England areas in the future?

    David Lamberth December 3, 2013


    If you can help us with a possible location in that area, please contact our National CC coordinator Lynn Burton at 501-539-3361.

    Our 2014 CC schedule is set – but we can look hard at it for 2015.


Ed Sims December 2, 2013

What happened to the Vintage Nationals at Buckeye, AZ & Honey Lake, NV? My 2 favorite races next to Hollister, CA.

    Ed Sims December 2, 2013

    Oops – I mean Honey Lake, CA

Ed Sims December 3, 2013

Why isn’t AZ back as opening round? It’s been there for over 10 years. Also, one of my favorite tracks, Honey Lake CA is not on the schedule. Dick Mann calls Honey Lake one of the few real motocross tracks left in the country.

    David Lamberth December 3, 2013


    I replied about Honey Lake above – but the facility is for sale and the promoter elected not to host an event with us in 2014. Hopefully when the venue is sold, we will be able to work with the new promoter.

    AHRMA made the decision not to return to AZ due to the declining attendance that the event has seen over the past couple of years. The folks at ACP have done a great job for AHRMA and AHRMA is not in any way unhappy with the effort put out by ACP in any way – they have worked very hard for us on the event. The low attendance is the basic reason behind us not doing the AZ event in 2014.


Robert Finnegan December 4, 2013

Any hope for an Arizona event?

    David Lamberth December 8, 2013


    Right now I would say no for 2014.


Mike Ruggiere December 4, 2013

I see that there is not a cross country race at Unadilla. Is that an oversite or did they drop it?

    David Lamberth December 8, 2013

    Totally an error with the website schedule. Unadilla is on the schedule that is published in the Nov/Dec issue of Vintage Views.

    Corrected schedule has been sent to the webmaster, he should have up early next week


Brandon Thurman December 5, 2013

Is Steve Ezell not going to have a cross country the weekend of the pvmx at 800 mx park? I’m pretty sure my father Mark and I are going to do some races this year after a few year hiatus. Cant wait!!!

    David Lamberth December 8, 2013


    No CC at Steve’s event in 2014. AHRMA has a 2 day CC in Elizabethtown, KY I early July. Look forward to seeing you and your dad racing with us in 2014.


Fast Eddie Lambert December 6, 2013

Bring it on Delta Ohio! Trans Am , InterAm Track! Switch it up! Past Ahrma Rider Willing To Be Insane Again ! In front of new freinds and family,. my kids about time. Was a Glass City MC Member in early 70s.Flagmen at Trams Am When the best were there.Roger spent the night in my Hood!

    David Lamberth December 8, 2013

    AHRMA is excited over is event as well. We are hoping it will give our guys who raced the Portland, MI event in the past an event closer to home.

    Hope you decide to come out and race with us again.


John Hart December 6, 2013

Can you advise if the opener at The Ranch is going to include non-AHRMA type classes as was the case at the Glen Helen National? Having been a member since 1989, it appears the National events in the SoCal region have lost the feel of the AHRMA nationals of old. Was looking forward to attending The Ranch event, but don’t want to be sitting around while non-AHRMA type classes are being run.
Thank you

    David Lamberth December 8, 2013


    I will have to refer you to Fred Guidi on this one. He is the main contact with the folks at CALVMX.


Max Worth Videto December 6, 2013

I would like renew my membership. Is it up soon? I’ll be 70 years old on Feb. 18, 2014 and want to register for the race in FLORIDA on March 22. Are renewals for 70+ year olds FREE? If so I’d like to RENEW and REGISTER for the Florida race.

    admin December 6, 2013


    It is best to call the membership office.


    David Lamberth December 8, 2013


    Please contact the membership office about your membership. Your current membership card will show your expiration date.

    The plus 70 class racers do not pay for entry fees, but they must pay for membership.

    The entry forms for 2014 will be on the website shortly and will be published in Vintage Views in the near future as well.


Richard Myers December 6, 2013

ok, maybe I’m missing something here, how come the vast majority of races are in the east? Seems a little one sided when one looks at the membership (racers) Are there more avalible tracks or some other factor?

    David Lamberth December 8, 2013


    AHRMA’s by laws consider anything west of the MS river as being in the west, so I think we have more than 5 in the west for 2014. We have 4 events in CA, 2 in TX, 1 in Arkansas, 1 in Washington state and 2 in Missouri(for VMX).

    We tried to get an event in Colorado, but did not get any reply to our inquiries. If you can point us in a direction of a venue in the western states that would be interested in working with AHRMA in the future, please concave either myself or Fred Guidi.


    If you

Richard Myers December 6, 2013

To follow up on my question, the count is 5 to 15 not sure how that works.

    David Lamberth December 8, 2013

    See above reply for answer


John Gulliford December 8, 2013

To win a Championship, the primary requirement is to attend events. This year there were 8 classes with no winner as no one did the minimum 4 events to qualify, 7 classes were won with 4 events, 10 classes with 5 events, 5 classes with 6 events and 23 with seven or more events.

Richard Myers December 10, 2013

Thanks Dave, I had this explained to me just this weekend, I wish I knew some more tracks, hard job putting it all together, thanks to all.

Mike Parker December 12, 2013

Would it be possible to move the Louisiana race to the week before Diamond Dons? They are located very close together. You have to arrive at Diamonds by Wednesday to get a good spot antway. This should increase attendance to both events. Thanks

Tom McKinney December 13, 2013

I’ve never heard of Burrow’s Ranch in Chrome, CA. Can anyone give me some info? Honey Lake was my favorite too.

    admin December 13, 2013

    Burrows’ Ranch is a private property located northwest of Willows, California. We’ve run a regional trial in the area the past couple of Aprils, and it is really a neat area.

lee stebleton December 19, 2013

what happened to the jeep school xc race i thought it was going to be on in 2014

Robert Boyer January 21, 2014

Hello. How is the Desoto Motosport Park event weekend supposed to work? I’m a little confused on how to run CC, MX and PVMX on Just the two days (Sat/Sun)? I’m all for doing that as that means I can attend all three for just the two days. Just don’t understand how to do both CC and MX or CC and PVMX in the same day? Can you help me understand? Thanks.

    admin January 21, 2014

    Each day’s cross country event is at 9am, and motocross practice is at noon, so there is a couple of hours between the two. For a detailed event schedule (including the Friday trial), see page 29 of the January Vintage Views, or click on the Event Preview link located on this site’s Calendar & Results section.

      Robert Boyer January 22, 2014

      I found that after the comment. Sorry about that and thank you. Should work great.