Member Resources

The Member Resources page provides visitors a focal point to view AHRMA’s organizational material. Board meeting minutes, Trustee election results and financial information are all available in the links below. If you have comments or suggestions for what you’d like to see included here, please contact us.

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The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association is a member-owned, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving classic motorcycles, and educating the public about these machines through display and competition use.

Getting started

 AHRMA Handbook, 2014
 AHRMA officials and staff
 Forms and Information
 Membership application

General interest

 AHRMA Legacy Society | Legacy Society Gift Acceptance Policy
 Benevolent Fund application
 Event Evaluation form
 Make money covering AHRMA events
 Special Awards
 2014 Archived Results
 2013 Archived Results
 2012 Archived Results
 2011 Archived Results
 2010 Archived Results
 2009 Archived Results
 2008 Archived Results
 2007 Archived Results
 Archived Results, 2006 and earlier

AHRMA Board of Trustees and National Office documents (pdf files)

 Board meeting minutes – 10/13/2014, Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, AL
 Summary of 2015 rules proposals, including final votes
 Board meeting minutes – 07/14/2014, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ
 Board meeting minutes – 05/03/2014, Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, CA
 Reviewed Financials for FYE 11/30/2013
 IRS Form 990 for FYE 11/30/2013 (large file)
 CPA Report from AHRMA’s Board election – 1/15/2014
 Final votes on 2014 rules proposals
 Board meeting minutes - 10/14/2013, Barber Vintage Museum, Leeds, AL
 Board meeting minutes – 07/22/2013, Auburn Ski Club, Soda Springs, CA
 Board meeting minutes – 03/25/2013, NOLA Motorsports Park, Avondale, LA
 Audited Financials for FYE 11/30/2012
 IRS Form 990 for FYE 11/30/2012  (large file)
 Balance Sheet 2002 thru 2012
 Profit and Loss thru 2012
 CPA Report from AHRMA’s Board election – 1/23/2013
 Board meeting minutes – 10/15/2012, Barber Vintage Museum, Leeds, AL
 Board meeting minutes – 07/30/2012, Morgantown, WV    Preliminary 2013 Rule Changes
 Board meeting minutes – 04/30/2012, Palmdale, CA
 Board meeting minutes – 10/11/2011, Barber Vintage Museum, Leeds, AL
 CPA Report from AHRMA’s Board election – 1/25/2012
 Rules Discussion Document – 10/2011, Barber Vintage Museum, Leeds, AL
 Reviewed Financials for FYE 11/30/2011
 IRS Form 990 for FYE 11/30/2011
 Board meeting minutes – 07/2011, Morgantown, WV
 Board meeting minutes – 04/2011, Palmdale, CA
 CPA Report from AHRMA’s Board Election – 1/24/2011
 Reviewed Financials for FYE 11/30/2010
 IRS Form 990 for FYE 11/30/2010
 Balance Sheet 2004 thru 2010
 Profit and Loss for FYE 2010
 Board meeting minutes – 10/2010, Barber Vintage Museum, Leeds, AL
 Board meeting minutes – 07/2010, Morgantown, WV
 Board meeting minutes – 4/2010, Palmdale, CA
 Teleconference minutes - 2009
 Reviewed Financials for FYE 11/30/2009
 IRS Form 990 for FYE 11/30/2009
 Board meeting minutes – 10/2009, Auburn, CA
 Board meeting minutes – 07/2009, Medina, OH
 Board meeting minutes – 03/2009, Deland, FL
 IRS Form 990 for FYE 11/30/2008
 Board meeting minutes – 04/14/2008, Lancaster, CA
 Agreed order
 Dismissal order
 IRS Form 990 for FYE 11/30/2007
 Board meeting minutes – 10/23/2006, Leeds, AL
 Board meeting minutes – 07/30/2006, Pickerington, OH
 Board meeting minutes – 05/01/2006, Lancaster, CA
 Board meeting minutes – 10/24/2005, Leeds, AL
 Board meeting minutes – 08/12/2005, Chehalis, WA
 Board meeting minutes – 03/09/2005, Deland, FL
 Board meeting minutes – 10/30/2004, San Francisco, CA

Organizational material

 AHRMA Bylaws
 AHRMA Articles of Incorporation (pdf)
 AHRMA Exits Chapter 11
 News about AHRMA reorganization/litigation
(last updated 10/5/07)

Logos and artwork

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 AHRMA color logo - print quality | small
 AHRMA black & white logo - print qualitysmall
 AHRMA SoS/BoT logo - print qualitysmall
 AHRMA Online graphic – SIL format
 AHRMA color logo – high-res tif
 AHRMA color logo high res in eps format logo1  logo2  logo3

Roadrace-specific material

Gridding and scoring explained (posted 01/2006)
Notes for new roadracers
Corner worker manual
AHRMA Sidecar rules

Motocross-specific material

MX shock-travel chart