Book reviews

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Cross Country

JUST RELEASED: Husqvarna Success by Gunnar Lindstrom with introductions by Torsten Hallman and Malcolm Smith.

History, in English, of this Legendary Brand. Hard Cover, 240 pages, $50 +postage. Order from GT Motors, Lansing, Michigan, 517-485-6815

Dirt Track

There are 637 pages of the most complete description of each race from 1954 to 1969 in this volume. The text allows you to visualize the each race and each season. It would not e possible to create more complete coverage of the Grand National Championship series. There are 150 photos and all of the 237 Grand Nationals are covered.

Dick Mann, Ronnie Rall and Gary Nixon all reviewed the book and thought is was great.

To order search the web using "The Complete Grand National Championship - Volume I: 1954-1969 by Gregory R. Pearson". To order via email contact or phone 304.743.0344.

Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Setup Guide

For many motorcyclists, the most popular part of a cycle magazine is the question-and-answer section dealing with maintenance, modification, and setup how-to information. The Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Setup Guide eliminates guesswork by providing setup and maintenance information every rider needs in a series of step-by-step photo sessions and to-the-point chapters. Author Mark Thompson focuses on the basic tasks and setup challenges encountered by all dirt bike owners, regardless of bike brand, size, or age. Whether it’s changing a tire, lubricating a cable, replacing a chain, or setting up suspension components, The Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Setup Guide is an essential tool for anyone who rides in the dirt.

Dirt Bike Ike - Casting the Dream by Roy Jenkins

Roy Jenkins tells a great story of how a teenager with determination and grit can achieve great things. The story is fictional and inspirational to both parents and children. Check out To order search the web using "Dirt Bike Ike".