Cross Country Vintage 200 Class Rule Update

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Cross Country Vintage 200 Class Rule Update

Photo courtesy of Tom Herman

Cross Country Vintage 200 Class Rule Update

Fred Guidi, AHRMA Offroad Race Director, announces that the 1975 thru 1977 Honda MR175 is now eligible for the Vintage 200 class in AHRMA Cross Country. Working with the Cross Country rules committee on behalf of several member’s petitions to have the machine included, it was ruled that the MR175 would be eligible for this class, beginning with the 2019 season. Naturally all rules with respect to suspension limits and other class limitations will apply. Questions should be directed to Fred or any member of the Cross Country rules committee.

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  1. Mark Zachary November 15, 2018 at 10:38 am

    Cut off at 1974? Not so. 77 MR-250s are legal because of like design, not identical parts. I bought a ’77 MR-250 and got it ready for the last few races. Too danged heavy. Too danged fast. Can’t pick it up till I regain the 30 pounds or so of muscle mass I lost in my legs from being flat on my back from Jefferson till New Blaine. ” I would have some serious reservations toward allowing you to race anything in an AHRMA sponsored event,”. Really? How do you dispute my neurosurgeon’s statement that I was in no more physical danger than if I had had no back problems. The only negative was that I should trail ride instead of race. So, I trail rode the first few and the last few. I won my class on an XL-175, the ONLY bike slower than the MR-175.I can pick it up twice on any given day. Before surgery, I won everything in 2015, my first class win and on the same XL175 I’ve ridden for 7 years.. I won this year on points. Dogged. Rode, TRAIL rode, more runs than the rest of my class. I can not envision what you guys fear about the MR. ANY Euro 175 will eat it alive. My 73 Husky CC175 is WAY faster. Much better handling. 7&4 inches of better suspension. Too heavy. Too fast for me. I love my MX riders. I can’t see the little green thing threatening ANY 175-250cc bike other than my XL. Heck, SETRA wasn’t this nit-pickey over nothing. I wish you all well in your endeavors, both on the dirt and off the dirt. AHRMA RULES!! Mark

  2. Mike parker November 16, 2018 at 6:54 am

    Thank you for your advice Matt.
    As I have been a racing member in all of AHRMA’s competition disciplines over the past 22 years, and previously served on rules and eligibility committees for AHRMA, I have learned the philosophy and intent of the rules-making process in order to serve in that position in a manner that maintains the integrity of AHRMA’s well-developed vintage motocross program,along with all of our programs.
    As opinions vary every season as to class and rule structure, I believe we are most interested in keeping AHRMA,s integrity and class fairness equal for all.
    As always,I look forward to helping our beloved organization in every way that they ask me to do. I look forward to working with EVERYONE to maintain our great sport and organization.
    Highest Regards
    Mike Parker

  3. Philip Henderson November 16, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    I think Mike Parker’s most recent post sums it all up and should end this nonsensical discussion. After 22 years of participation and service to AHRMA, he really doesn’t need any of our advice. Thank you Mike for your diligent service and valued opinions!

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